Punk in Pastel

Last week, I was very kindly invited to a press day at the Sanderson Hotel. It was here that I was introduced to the label Pritch London. I was immediately drawn to this collection when I saw it at the press day. The first thing I recognised about the collection was the use of leather (only a minor obsession of mine) but it was used in such an unconventional way that I was instantly enticed.

This brand features three very important aspects that are bang on trend this Spring/Summer: pastel colours, geometric shapes and leather. The statement pieces that are offered in the SS15 collection are major attention grabbers, designed to be a fashion piece rather than your conventional outerwear piece.

Unless you’ve been completely off the fashion radar the past few months, you’ll know that pastel colours are huge at the moment. Valentino have recently brought out a pastel coloured collection of their rockstud range that is to die for. But forget lilac shoes, forget lilac hair, it is all about this amazing lilac leather bomber jacket. Make it look innocent and elegant by wearing it with all white, or add it to a black ensemble and dark lippy to punk it up. Any way you wear it, just wear it. It’s gorg.

Pritch lilc bomberpritch 2

Pritch London Bomber in Lilac £700 www.pritchlondon.comPritch London SS15 High Res (12)

Not only are Pritch London on point with their inclusion of pastels, they also have a leather piece with tassles. This has been absolutely done to death this Spring, every brand has a brown suede leather jacket in its collection, but Pritch puts a twist on tassled leather. This amazing leather bolero can be worn over another jacket, over a glam top or just on its own. What is amazing about this piece is it gives you complete freedom to put your own personality into it and work it however you want to!

Tassledtassled 2

Pritch London SS15 High Res (42)Pritch London SS15 High Res (43)Okay enough of the mild punk. Go full Taylor-Momsen-rocking-out with these fitted leather trousers. Now, I don’t know about any of you, but every pair of leather trousers I have ever tried have made me want to have a full on break down in the dressing room. They are either way too snug on the hips and baggy on the legs, or absolutely massive around the waist but clinging to your legs for dear life. Either way, its bad for your ego. But these leather trousers are made to fit you perfectly, say goodbye to changing room dramas.

leather trousersleather trousers 2

Diamonds Without Guilt

Everyone knows blood diamonds are bad. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you will have seen Leo Dicaprio sporting a South African accent (swoon) in the 2006 film ‘Blood Diamond,’ which gives you the gist of the problem and that it’s quite severe. Four years later, Naomi Campbell was met with outrage when she admitted that she had been given blood diamonds. It’s clear that the distribution of these diamonds fuel conflict, so why are they still being used by some brands? The jewellery that you buy should be guilt free, do you really want a rock hanging from your ears that has someones blood on it? (metaphorically of course, there isn’t actual real life blood on it)

I recently wrote an article for Eluxe that shares 13 brands that use materials that are ethically sourced, made from recycled materials or made in small communities that are economically struggling. For example, Made Jewellery have their pieces made in a small community in Africa, and they pay a fair wage for the services of the workers. This means that the locals can use their creative skills and get a good wage for doing so, rather than doing hard labour for very little gain. If you think that sustainable jewellery sounds a bit iffy, check out the article and decide for yourself…You’ll be pleasantly surprised, I guarantee!


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