London Fashion Week: Final Day

It’s a little late I know, but here is my post for my last day at London Fashion Week. This was my favourite day by far! This was the only day I went to Somerset House. I was invited to see the LoveBullets display. It was one of the best things I saw all week, they make jewellery out of old bullet casings and it was just such an artistic way of using old artillery. Another of my favourites was Mawi Jewellery, they had a collection called ‘The Bunny Collection.’ The clue is in the name really, it was an entire collection of necklaces, rings and bracelets of bunnies! My ultimate favourite animal ever. I am so excited for this collection to be released in AW15, I will definitely be investing in a bunny ring.

It’s a common misconception that people that work in the fashion industry are bound to be bitchy and superficial. I can safely say, that the people that I met at Somerset House were some of  the friendliest people I have ever met! Everyone comes up to you and just starts chatting, e-mail addresses are exchanged, compliments given out left right and centre, and industry professionals giving advice to interns and students. It was an amazing experience and I am so lucky that I had the opportunity to go!



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IMG_5504 Paige French LFW 2

London Fashion Week: Day 2

Today was my second day of London Fashion Week. I was invited to go to the Andipa Gallery in Chelsea to an exhibition on sustainable fashion throughout different cultures and times. The pieces that were in the exhibition were amazing, there were belts from ancient Egypt, head pieces from the 1700’s and fur coats from Tibet. The difference in cultures was amazing, some showed class by using gold or silver thread, some showed the same thing by using bright, extravagant colours.

Overall it was a really good experience, and Chelsea is always amazing to wander around, especially on a Sunday (because it’s quiet.)