Diamonds Without Guilt

Everyone knows blood diamonds are bad. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you will have seen Leo Dicaprio sporting a South African accent (swoon) in the 2006 film ‘Blood Diamond,’ which gives you the gist of the problem and that it’s quite severe. Four years later, Naomi Campbell was met with outrage when she admitted that she had been given blood diamonds. It’s clear that the distribution of these diamonds fuel conflict, so why are they still being used by some brands? The jewellery that you buy should be guilt free, do you really want a rock hanging from your ears that has someones blood on it? (metaphorically of course, there isn’t actual real life blood on it)

I recently wrote an article for Eluxe that shares 13 brands that use materials that are ethically sourced, made from recycled materials or made in small communities that are economically struggling. For example, Made Jewellery have their pieces made in a small community in Africa, and they pay a fair wage for the services of the workers. This means that the locals can use their creative skills and get a good wage for doing so, rather than doing hard labour for very little gain. If you think that sustainable jewellery sounds a bit iffy, check out the article and decide for yourself…You’ll be pleasantly surprised, I guarantee!

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Fashion Overload

Okay so, I recently got an internship at a magazine called Eluxe. It is an online magazine that focuses on fashion and beauty products that are good for the environment and organic! This magazine has articles ranging from how chemicals in non-organic products can harm your health, to articles about Valentino’s new collections. There really is something for everyone, no matter what your taste.

I’m actually really enjoying working for this magazine and it’s giving me experience that I desperately needed to get my foot into the door of the fashion industry. Anyway, my first article was published online today! It is about lingerie brands that use organic/recycled materials, but still look fierce as f*ck! Check it out, maybe you’ll find something that’s ideal for Valentine’s day (you can thank me later)