Do Kylie Lip Kits live up to the hype? 

So I said I would post this on Monday, but I have unforgivingly been struck down by the dreaded glandular fever, so please forgive the delay.

Let’s discuss Kylie Jenner for a sec… Surgery or not, money or not, she is undoubtedly beautiful and her lip kits have caused an absolute sensation, it can’t be denied.

I, like all of you I’m sure, follow her on snapchat and have been desperate to try one of her kits for ages now. As a self-confessed lipstick addict, I have tried every brand from MAC, to NYX and Charlotte Tilbury, so how does the Kylie Lip Kit compare to these brands, and is it worth getting your hands on one?

In short, the answer is no. If you live in the US, it might be more worth your money because ultimately, it costs less. But for us over here in the UK, not only do you have to pay for the kit itself, but the postage and packaging – and not to mention the sneaky little customs fee that is demanded a week later.

As much as I love a good lippy, re-applying is the bane of my life, I hate it. I want to put my lipstick on and not have to worry about it for a good few hours, but Kylie’s Lip Kit definitely requires re-application, and doesn’t look nearly as good the second time around. Below is how it looked when I applied, and then two hours later…

As you can see by my face, I am unimpressed.

1) It’s not worth the money

2) When you put it on initially, it looks absolutely fab, but I can assure you, it does not last

3) It dried my lips out like an absolute bitch, seriously, I’m still vigorously applying lip balm now (although that might be because of the fever a là glandular, I can’t tell)

4) I kissed my boyfriend’s cheek to see if it would transfer, it did. Then we literally couldn’t get it off his cheek – HOW does that work?!

5) Yeah the packaging is pretty, jumping on the bandwagon is fun, but honestly, there are brands that are so much cheaper and so much better. Go to a NYX counter and save yourself 50 quid



Let’s talk about this chrome nail situation…

Okay so Facebook has been bombarded with videos of the new chrome nail craze and I just had to try it. Here are 5 points that I think everyone should know before trying chrome nails:

  1. The compliments will roll in and it is v nice.
  2. Watching your nail turn from a nail into a shiny masterpiece is a mesmerising experience.
  3. They are distracting whilst typing – I’ve made about 5 typos just writing this sentence because I’m just looking at my nails, so probs not very good when driving.
  4. You can get different shades of shine. Mine have a pinky colour underneath so they went a rose gold, if you ask for grey underneath they will go very silver, and even better, if you put black underneath they go like a gunmetal colour! Amazing.
  5. There are no negative points about the Chrome Nail Situation to go and get them because honestly what are you waiting for.