Do Kylie Lip Kits live up to the hype? 

So I said I would post this on Monday, but I have unforgivingly been struck down by the dreaded glandular fever, so please forgive the delay.

Let’s discuss Kylie Jenner for a sec… Surgery or not, money or not, she is undoubtedly beautiful and her lip kits have caused an absolute sensation, it can’t be denied.

I, like all of you I’m sure, follow her on snapchat and have been desperate to try one of her kits for ages now. As a self-confessed lipstick addict, I have tried every brand from MAC, to NYX and Charlotte Tilbury, so how does the Kylie Lip Kit compare to these brands, and is it worth getting your hands on one?

In short, the answer is no. If you live in the US, it might be more worth your money because ultimately, it costs less. But for us over here in the UK, not only do you have to pay for the kit itself, but the postage and packaging – and not to mention the sneaky little customs fee that is demanded a week later.

As much as I love a good lippy, re-applying is the bane of my life, I hate it. I want to put my lipstick on and not have to worry about it for a good few hours, but Kylie’s Lip Kit definitely requires re-application, and doesn’t look nearly as good the second time around. Below is how it looked when I applied, and then two hours later…

As you can see by my face, I am unimpressed.

1) It’s not worth the money

2) When you put it on initially, it looks absolutely fab, but I can assure you, it does not last

3) It dried my lips out like an absolute bitch, seriously, I’m still vigorously applying lip balm now (although that might be because of the fever a là glandular, I can’t tell)

4) I kissed my boyfriend’s cheek to see if it would transfer, it did. Then we literally couldn’t get it off his cheek – HOW does that work?!

5) Yeah the packaging is pretty, jumping on the bandwagon is fun, but honestly, there are brands that are so much cheaper and so much better. Go to a NYX counter and save yourself 50 quid



Embroidered boots and where to get them…

I love a good pair of boots, especially ones with a heel. My wardrobe is literally adorned with every heel height, colour and pattern; from floral embroidery to faux snakeskin, you can never go wrong with a statement boot.

This season, the high-street is laden with affordable boots that are guaranteed to stand out when paired with all black or simple parred down tones, so instead of breaking the bank by reaching for Gucci, opt for more affordable options from Topshop or ASOS.

Far left: Miss Selfridge Embroidered Boots – £85

Middle: Dune Oxford Floral Boots – £115

Far Right: ASOS Jacquard Boots – £38

Let’s talk about this chrome nail situation…

Okay so Facebook has been bombarded with videos of the new chrome nail craze and I just had to try it. Here are 5 points that I think everyone should know before trying chrome nails:

  1. The compliments will roll in and it is v nice.
  2. Watching your nail turn from a nail into a shiny masterpiece is a mesmerising experience.
  3. They are distracting whilst typing – I’ve made about 5 typos just writing this sentence because I’m just looking at my nails, so probs not very good when driving.
  4. You can get different shades of shine. Mine have a pinky colour underneath so they went a rose gold, if you ask for grey underneath they will go very silver, and even better, if you put black underneath they go like a gunmetal colour! Amazing.
  5. There are no negative points about the Chrome Nail Situation to go and get them because honestly what are you waiting for.


Is androgynous clothing the way forward?

Androgynous: Partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex.

Since I was little, I have naturally gravitated towards clothes that would be considered slightly more “boyish” than “girly.” As a child, I would opt for a football top and shorts instead of a frilly dress. As I’ve gotten older, this habit has stuck with me and I am often (to their dismay) found rummaging through the wardrobes of my dad and my boyfriend, searching for a T-shirt or baggy jumper to wear. I have absolutely no problem shopping in the men’s section of a shop, because in my eyes it just isn’t the men’s section; clothes are clothes. This doesn’t even just apply to girls, how many skaters have shopped in the women’s jeans section trying to find the skinniest jeans possible?

Some companies have begun to release unisex collections and A-listers from Sofia Richie to the Olsen twins have made androgynous dressing a trend that is definitely here to stay. Often sporting masculine-style suits, the Olsen twins epitomise shabby-chic on their days off, and literally give me casual dressing goals in loose-fitting comfies. Sofia Richie, rebelling against traditional ideas of “feminine” dressing, shows how easy it is to take a piece that is designed for a menswear collection (like the Givenchy oversized Rotweiler print tee, below) and turn it into an enviable weekend outfit by simply wearing is as a T-shirt dress.

 East London born brand A.D.Y.N is spearheading the movement, crafting genderless basics that are perfect for any essentials collection. Longline and baggy pieces dominate their collection – easy to wear with jeans and court shoes for simple and effective dressing, the brand bridges the gap between high-street and high-end.

 So here’s hoping that more brand’s venture out into the big bad world of androgyny, because tbh, I need more baggy jumpers in my life.


Autumn Velvet

The sky is officially greying here in London and quite frankly, I could not be happier. It is time to put away the floral dresses and thigh-skimming mini skirts, and look towards longer silhouettes. A hero on the AW16 runway, velvet can not be ignored. Whether in the form of figure-hugging leggings, midi-dresses or seductive camisole tops, literally nothing screams statement like all velvet errrrything.

If your budget allows, then look to Fendi or Valentino for your staple velvet piece, but if like me, your budget definitely does not allow, then Zara and ASOS will be your saviour. Take one key piece and pair it with a metallic skirt for maximum effect, or keep things simple with jeans and a leather jacket for evening drinks.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Playsuit – £32

Leggings – Zara: £15.99

Boots – Topshop: £65

Dress – Mango: £59.99


Statement Shoes FTW

Long time no blog…Let’s just go straight in with the need-to-know updates:

1: I have a job now

2: I graduated

3: I am an adult and I’m like 95% not okay with it

Now that we’re all caught up, lets talk about this season’s ugly shoes and, more importantly, why you should be wearing them.


First and foremost, my absolute fave pair of shoes at the moment, the Gucci Marmont Loafer. I recently bought myself a pair of these in classic black, made from plush suede and finished off with the brand’s signature GG embellishment ~swoon.~
These shoes are already lining the wardrobes of A-listers, with stars from Reese Witherspoon to Alexa Chung stepping out in their desired shade. Their square toe and chunky heel set them aside from more “feminine” designs, but also ensure that they will make a statement. The Marmont aside, Gucci have experimented with pearl embellishments, D-Bars and fur lining (omg someone seriously get me the Gucci slippers ASAP) to create shoes that rebel against the typical idea of “girly” and “feminine” shoe-silhouettes, and quite frankly, I love it.


Dolce & Gabbana:

It would be so wrong to not include D&G in this post. This season, Dolce & Gabbana have gone down a very niche road. Drawing inspiration from classic fairy tales, their designs this season are quirky, fun and are definitely guaranteed to make a statement. Now, I personally love injecting an element of fun into my wardrobe. I have tee’s with rainbows and unicorns printed on them, glittery phone cases and the brightest lipsticks known to man, because it’s boring taking yourself too seriously. D&G have literally epitomised fun and fabulous accessorising with their shoes/bags this season, and if you can get your hands on a pair, you totally should.




Right, guys & gals, let’s step away from the Stan’s, the Nike’s and the Vans for a mo, and talk about Valentino’s Rockstud trainers.What I love the most about these, is that they are such an androgynous piece – and for someone who loves a good his-n-hers matching outfit, they are literally the dream. The majority of this season’s trainers from Valentino sport a parred down camouflage print, with some opting for a bright version of camo. Whatever your preference, they are undoubtedly a step above the Stan Smiths that we just can’t seem to part with.



Let’s finish off with Fendi. Going back to the idea of injecting an element of fun into your accessories,  Fendi’s monster print is everywhere this season – and isn’t going away any time soon. An easy way to incorporate the little monster into your outfit, it through their slip on sneakers. Comfortable, versatile and undoubtedly fun, the sneakers will easily work with jeans and a jumper.



So, if you are feeling daring this season and looking for a statement shoe for your bolder days, there are just a few suggestions. Not necessarily to be used down to the very T, but take inspiration and look for similar statement designs that fit any budget. Key words to type into search engines on the likes of ASOS or other high street retailers would be:
Embroidered, metallic, velvet, fur lined and embellished.

Let me know if you find any gems in the comments! Sharing is caring after all…